Makhangoa Community Camp 2016/17 Season: 6th – 15th March Guides Report

March signals a change in season at the Makhangoa Community Camp. Days get shorter, waters temps begin to drop and we begin to feel the first early signs of the coming winter. It is also a time of technical, yet rewarding fishing. The larger yellows remain in the upper beats, feeding off the top to well presented dry flies, the resident rainbow trout start to feed more actively in the cooler water, and, once the water temps drop, and we receive the late traditional Autum rains, big rainbows move into the bottom beats of the river to feed on the summer yellowfish fry and spawn.

Dave, Jeremy and Johan take it all in on the Upper Bokong, while on a 5 night trek from the Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho

The week running 6th  to 13th March, was a busy time in camp. With Jeremy, Johan and Dave coming for a 7 night stay and spending 5 nights under the stars trekking to the far upper beats in search of yellows and trout. We also welcomed return guests Paul and Andy, as well as brothers Jonathan and Christo to camp.

Apart from the normal day to day guiding and fishing. Tuesday the 14th was the guides first break off the water since January. And, although the urge to catch up on some much needed sleep was strong, so too was the urge to spend some time on the water as guides Brent and Johann, were joined for the day by Keith, as he made his way back from some meetings in Maseru.

TF Guide Johann making the most of a day off, and deep in the mountains.

Again, giving up the opportunity to catch up on some down time. Wed the 15th was dedicated to River Rangers training, with Brent and Johann running a full day fly fishing course with the Makhangoa Community Camp River Rangers. The River Rangers program has been a real highlight of the 2016/17 season, and as the participants gain more experience and fly fishing knowledge, we look forward to the project moving from strength to strength. Who knows, maybe a Lesotho national fly fishing team is a not far off reality.

A class room with a view. Johann and Brent running the River Rangers Fly Fishing course from the Makhangoa Community Camp, over looking the Bokong River

Thanks to all our guest for the support and custom. We look forward to hosting you at the Makhangoa Community Camp in the not too distant future. Enjoy the pics.

The Makhangoa Community Camp looking beautiful after all the summer rains.
Brown Cliffs, and the deep pool that runs along its base is the prefect stop for the first night of a back country trek. Beautiful views, stunning mountain vibes, and a pool which is home to large yellowfish, and some big trout!
The upper Bokong is holding a great population of wild rainbows, all eager to take a dry fly in the pockets, or a well drifted nymph through the heads of runs and pools.
Good friends , good weather and technical fishing. The upper Bokong is best shared with like minded friends.
David warms up as the early morning light creeps over the Maluti Mountains on the Bokong River, Makhangoa Community Camp.
Who cannot help love sight fishing dry flies to these mountains slabs of Lesotho gold?
Keith getting in on the action as the guides enjoy their first day off since 1st of January. There cannot be many more idyllic places to sight fish yellowfish in Africa than the Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho.
Mothoa, who is a Makhangoa Community Camp River Ranger, learning to fly fish under the guidance of Brent and Johann, while camp manager Lebina, and fellow River Rangers, Martin and David look on.
Johann going tight in some beautiful water on Beat 5, Bokong River, Makhangoa Community Camp Lesotho. Guides days off don’t get much better than this.
John puts his 3 wht under some serious pressure on the Bokong River has he gets his first taste of the sublime sight fishing experience from the Makhangoa Community Camp
Johann admires a beautiful Bokong Yellowish before the release.