Makhangoa Community Camp 2017/18: Blog 4

Aftter the Christmas and New Years break, where the Makhangoa Community Camp is home to family groups, the 4th of January saw keen fly fishing guests back in camp. With the good rains in December, and hot stable conditions, the first group of the season were treated to some amazing sight fishing conditions. Return guest Avril, rated it as his best trip in the 5 he has done to the camp over theĀ  last 5 years, andĀ  Pieter and two sons, were treated to red letter fly fishing conditions for their first time visit.

Makhangoa Community Camp yellowfish release
Sharing amazing fly fishing experiences is best done with a brother, Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho
Pieter getting treated to some picture perfect conditions on the Bokong River, Makhangoa Community Camp
Blue skies and golden fish. Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho.