Makhangoa Community Camp 2017/18: Blog 5

With a heat wave extending across Lesotho, week 2 of the 2018 season saw guests welcomed to skinny river conditions and fish feeding heavily on terrestrials. As the five night stay drew on, the anglers focus shifted from numbers of fish to bigger trophy fish, with bigger hikes to more remote sections of the river.  A day combining horse riding to the upper beats and some subliminal sight fishing was a highlight of the week for all. It was a pleasure having Tim, James, Thor, Dayne and Zing in camp, and we are looking forward to a return visit from this great group of guys.

Fly rods, horses, blues skies, clear rivers, hungry fish and big mountains. What more could you ask for? Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho
A sulking release for this pretty yellowfish, Bokong River, Makhangoa Community Camp Lesotho
The Cascades, on the Bokong River. Home to some BIG fish and a great place for a lunchtime swim.
Good fishing is best enjoyed with mates at the Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho
Stunning fish and stunning scenery – Bokong River, Makhangoa Community Camp
What sight fishing dreams are made of. Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho
James loving the dry fly action on the Bokong River.
Dayne releasing a beautiful yellowfish on the Bokong River, Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho
Tim and James enjoying some father and son time on the Bokong River, Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho
Setting up tackle on the banks of the Bokong River after a horse ride from the Makhangoa Community Camp to beat 4.
Could not wish for a more perfect place to sight fish these fresh water speedsters. Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho
Double the stoke – Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho
Thor, and Community River Ranger Martin, working together to get this great fish to hand. Makhangoa Community Camp. Lesotho