Tanzania Tigerfish 2017: Week 8

With the fireworks of week 7, fresh in our minds, it was with great excitement that we welcomed 8 new guests into camp this week. Returning ‘local” Charlotte from Aarvark Mcleod  was accompanied by Ronnie, Andrew and Wouter. Adventurous fishing family, Chris and Diane, were in camp for their first visit. Check out more of their family fishing adventures on their website – http://www.oneillfamilyfishing.com/

Chris and Diane enjoying some quality time together fly fishing for Tanzania tigerfish

The week started slow, with a post spawn slump. Fortunately things picked up as the week progressed, and all guests were rewarded for staying positive in the slow periods.  Check out the guests video blog, and some pictures from the week here:

Charlotte with a tigerfish showing clear signs of post spawn condition. Big shoulders and skinny body. A couple days earlier, this fish would have been 20lbs plus. She just pushed the scale to 18lb here.
Chris with thank you splash as he released a Tanzania tigerfish
Andrew shows the fruits of his labour with a trophy tanzania tigerfish in mind condition
Sunrise on the Ruhudji River. Can there be a better way to start the day?
Charlotte prospecting a hole on the Ruhudji River, tanzania. Dont get too close to the edge…crocodiles!
Sight fishing to these beautiful yellowfish is a must when conditions allow. Strong and visual, what more can you ask for… Tanzania Yellowfish are a great addition to the massive tigers.
Ronnie in on the trophy Tanzania tigerfish action. What a great fish, for a really great guy.
Wouter managing to put it all together with this massive 20lb fish. After a week of heavy school fees, this fish was a highlight.
The queen on the Mnyera!
Beautiful tigerfish and incredible scenery. Tanzania tiger fishing delivering in spades.