Capitaine – Nile Perch – On Foot – On Fly – Cameroon 2019 Season: Blog 1

It was a week of fly fishing history as we welcomed the first official group of pioneering fly fishing guests to Cameroon at the end of January 2019. Murray Collins, Keith Rose-Innes, James Baker and Doug Carmody made up the intrepid foursome. West African rough edges, tough logistics, the odd vehicle breakdown and freezer issues withstanding, an incredible weeks was had by all. It was a privilege getting to share this experience with such a great crew.  We look forward to welcoming the rest of the season guests, and working on the product as the season progresses. Following, please emjoy a short video diary from TF guides Stuart Harley and Greg Ghaui, as well as a photo essay from the week.

Keith Rose with his first Nile perch over the magic 100cm mark.
Greg and Murray fishing one of the most beautiful stretches of River
The healthy hippo population on the river, from a vital part in the cycle of nutrients, terrestrial and aquatic, which forms a base for this thriving system. Pic Keith Rose Innes
Tetra, are one of the many smaller species angler target between the tigerfish and nile perch – pic Keith RI
Murray Collins, jumped a couple of big h. brevis, in the 15lb mark. Numerous smaller fish were landed however.
Stu and his trusty .375 The need to be aware of dangerous game, forms a vital part of this amazing and wild experience.
Nursery school nile perch are found in the shallow faster water, avoiding the deep water where they may well be eaten by their bigger brethren,  and are often taken while fishing for tigerfish.
Murray with a juvenile niger bar, following a dedicated mission to land one, and claim all three of the go to species on offer (perch, tigers and yellows). These fish grow up to 15lbs, and a couple of big fish were lost this week.
Keith admiring a hefty Nile Perch heading back to her home
Tiger tails – there are three species of tigerfish in the system. Brevis, vittatus and forskahlii. With brevis growing the biggest, and fish up to 30lb being seen.
A ‘manageable size’ nile perch. The beauty is the hit from this fish is heavy and abrupt. It is not possible to tell immediately if you have hooked into a 5 or 50lb fish. This soon changes however, as the first run, head shake, and gill rattling jumps commence.
For seemingly drab fish, nile perch are strikingly beautiful
Greg, showing one of the bigger tigers landed so far this season
Searching the sandy runs for tigerfish and niger barbs