Capitaine – Nile Perch – On foot – On fly

Tourette Fishing        click the above audio link to listen to this weeks audio blog with Stu, Greg and Keith.

Hena  with his best perch from the week of 90cm
With the slightly high water  we had loads of fun swinging freestone runs for many like sized H Brevis Tiger fish
Greg and Garth with another good sized Brevis.
Andrew with a baby perch that is always fun while fishing for tigers on the 9wt.
surely a contender for the most beautiful yellowish in Africa , Niger barb
Garth used his years of experience fishing for large scale yellow fish in South Africa to good use in Cameroon and it shows with the  7lb Niger Barb!
Andrew  with his best perch of the week.
the African large scale  Tetra.  They will eat anything from a dry fly to a wholly bugger  but… they will only eat it once!
size doesn’t matter when it sight fishing with dry flies ion super skinny water. 
This perch was the one that completed Garth’s   Faro slam . A Tetra; Barb; Tiger fish and  Nile  Perch all in one day.
Day time perch in white water!
almost too much perch for a 9wt in the middle of a rapid.
One of the many slow side pools on the Faro where one could catch anything from a huge Perch on your 12wt or use you 4wt,
dry flies and  5X for spooky yellows.