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The Okavango River is most famous for its spectacular flooding of the desert in Northern
Fly Fishing Lesotho


Founded in 1824, Lesotho (fondly referred to as the Kingdom in the Sky), is completely


With some of the longest stretches of untouched coastline left on the African continent, it is


The Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers together offer one of the last remaining frontiers of freshwater

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is home to some of the most famous and productive salt water fisheries on the


Until recently, North Africa, and especially the coast of Sudan has never been considered a

Central America

Central America is a broad area that has very famous, and very distinct fisheries, both on the

Kalahari Largemouth Yellowfish

Kalahari Largemouth Yellowfish Wilderness Drift A world class experience drifting through

Cameroon – Nile Perch

Consider that barring Gabon, the Nile perch, or one of its cousins, is found in most river and