Makhangoa Community Camp 2018 Season: Pony Trekking

With Lesotho experiencing the biggest rains we have had in the past three years (which is a very welcome), it was with trepidation we welcomed guest anglers Jako Lucas and Oliver White into camp for a 7 night Trekking trip. Knowing that given a break in the seemingly unrelenting rain, the Bokong cleans up really fast, Tourette Fishing head guide in Lesotho, Johann,  made the call to start the trek a couple days later in a small window of good weather that was forecast, the team would then wait out the next rains, and hopefully be in a position to take advantage of fishing conditions should the rains clear up for a day or two. Fortune favours the brave as they say, and the group were treated to some sublime sight fishing and the joys of watching this pristine river change from raging mess,to clear sight fishing paradise in the matter of 24hours, and in doing so, revealing her bounty of yellowfish, rainbow trout and brown trout.

Mobile camping allows the group to access beats of the river, not otherwise reachable in a day.
Oliver getting a chance to experience the amazing sight fishing the Makhangoa Commuunity Camp is know for.

Jako doing what he does best, capturing amazing fly fishing experiences from around the globe. This time, in a remote valley, high in the Lesotho highlands.

Community River Rangers, David, entertaining the guys with an animated story

The Bokong his home to wild rainbow and brown trout, as well as our famous yellowfish

Jako and Oliver reveling in some sight fished Lesotho gold!

Finding them is the first step….

Why the long face? The persistent rain was getting even the donkey’s down!

What sight fishing at the Makhangoa Community Camp is all about…beautiful scenery, pristine rivers, and wonderful fish.

Check it out!

Oliver with a spotted butter beauty

Jako, getting ready for the day ahead