Makhangoa Community Camp: The 2018/19 yellowfish season memories

Bill with an unexpected brown, always a welcoming treat.
Blue jackets and Bokong yellows.
Keep them wet, angler and fish!
Don enjoying the views from the top of Vodacom ridge.
Mountains upon mountains. The upper reaches of the Bokong River.
When blisters become a problem, walk barefoot. Just watch the toes!
Matt targeting a very shy Brown trout.
Team Trek in front of the dipping tank. Few anglers have reached these upper beats.
A fish perspective of being caught.
There he is!
Leopard crawling across tricky terrain is a common occurrence when targeting big brown trout. 
A nice yellow caught on the upper reaches late season.
Lesotho has many small beauties that some might not notice.
Jamo netting a yellowfish that angler Matt worked extremely hard for.
Get em!
The joy of catch and release.
Bay of plenty was a very productive pool this season.
Casting to a school of over thirty yellowfish requires some concentration.
A fat, healthy female caught just below camp.
Fish flops, more to come.
Running after gold!
One of Gordan’s hoppers that proved to be a success.
Taking off with speed. The strength of these yellowfish is often under estimated.
The guide team with guests enjoying some wine and freshly smoked trout.
Freshly smoked trout and champagne.
A very welcoming by catch whilst targeting yellows.
Tim Rajeff with a beaut on his new River Glass series.
“She gooone”
Shilton and Echo, name a more iconic duo?

Duncan dressing up on a Brown trout trek. Also boasting his trophy for the day.

A good one from Dom.
No sweeter feeling. Stephan making the most of his time on the Bokong
A big bend on the upper reaches.


Willow bend, our first camp sight when trekking up the Bokong
A good substitute fishery this season was the Malibamatsu which proved to be very productive.
Brian with his PB for the week.
Sitting, waiting and watching.
Mountains and tails
Double ups were common occurrences this season.
Father and son celebrate their first ever yellowfish.
Gordan kissing gold.
A heated fly tying discussion on a beautiful Lesotho morning.
The new Land Cruiser was a beast this season!
Maluti and yellowfish, what more could one want?
Tim doing a casting demonstration.
Stu with a lovely lady beginning of the season
Camp 360, our highest camp site. Surrounded by mountains.
A wild rainbow caught in the Malibamatsu.
Fish flop!
Andrews first one of the trek.
Jamo taking a swim to retrieve a fish, a common occurance!
A brown trout to remember!
Tavis releasing a good one from beat zero.
David, makhulu rangers doing what needs to be done.
Brown and beautiful.
Possibly the fish of the season. An absolute tank.