Tanzania Tigerfish 2017 – Week 3

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome 6 anglers, all first time guests, into camp this week.

The 4 anglers from Frontiers UK  headed to the Ruhudji first. Murray booked via Fly Water Travel, teamed up with Dr Ordonez, both from the USA, fished the Mnyera to get their week started.

As is the case with most anglers experiencing Tanzania tigerfish for the first time,  the strength and excellent condition of the fish was a standout. Not to mention the wildlife one encounters when fishing the Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers.

Hear what our guests had to say in this weeks Video Blog here:

The gorgeous gill plates and piercing gaze of a trophy Tanzania tigerfish
The gun metal blue adipose fin is a stand out feature on Tanzania tigerfish
Drifting the middle beat of the Mnyera River at sunset.
Tanzania Yellowfish, arguably one of the more beautiful species around.